Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cybraryman and The Newbie Project

The phone call was nothing unusual. Jeff Bradbury calling to discuss a podcast or website issue is what I figured at first. But Jeff's question was different this time. He asked, "Can you help me? I want to get Jerry to ISTE." Okay, great idea so, what do we need to do? We talked about possible ways to make it happen that included sponsorships as well as getting people we knew to donate and I agreed to get the word out to see if my network of people had some ideas.

Bazinga! Suzie Nestico got back to me within the day and asked if Jerry had been to ISTE. If not, then he might be a candidate for the ISTE Newbie Project. I knew about Beth Still's Newbie Project from last year when George Couros was the Newbie. I quickly contacted Jerry and sure enough he had never been. Suzie let Beth know and she agreed to make Jerry Blumengarten this year's Newbie. What a great idea! I love it when an idea becomes reality. Now it's just a matter of getting people to donate and raise the money. Not an easy task but we are confident that our goal will be met. What better way to give back to someone who gives so much to so many of us in education.

So, if Jerry has helped you in some way or you have used his endless links and resources, then please contribute to this worthy project. If you're going to ISTE, then you'll get a chance to be thanked by him directly.

WE DID IT! Jerry is going to ISTE12.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this great cause.

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