Friday, July 9, 2010

A New Road to Travel

The world is an amazing place where technology changes faster than we can keep up with from day to day. People however do not change. We still have the same hopes, dreams and desires that have been with us for millennium. We want a good life with family, friends and enough to feel fulfilled. For many of us these thoughts are realized as we work to make them happen but for others the struggle continues. Personally, I believe that those of us who have should help those who do not. Thus, that is why I am an educator.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with young people on a daily basis. They keep me young and give me the desire to be a better teacher, coach, advisor, and mentor. As a result, I seek to learn more every day. Moreover, I look for ways to improve the educational experience for all of my students; lucky for me and them the world changes. 

Globalization for all its faults has created new technologies and connections never seen before in world history. Of course there are pros and cons to most everything. For all the negative impacts of consumerism and technology there are some positives that many of us should and will take advantage of to make the world a better place. As more and more of the world tries to emulate the West's lifestyle and standard of living competition forces us to be better educated as well as up to date on the latest tools for our chosen field.

Technology has provided us an opportunity to see the world in many new and different ways. We now have the ability to work, talk, write, text, research and learn from almost any place on the globe. Careers and jobs in the future will require skills in technology that currently are unknown. Those of us in education should and in my opinion must learn and embrace technology for our students and their futures.  If education reform has any definitive look to it, then technology is a big part of that picture. So, let us encourage, push, prod and force our colleagues to grow and change.  We owe it to our students, to our selves and to our world.

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  1. Well said Ron! I especially agree that technology is a double edged sword. It can (and is) used for good and bad. That applies to Education too doesn't it?